Thursday, February 25, 2016


Hello Wellness Arts Visitor and Tea Lover,

 Keep up with Quilter's Comfort herbal products on my blog at

Wellness Arts Cafe info for the moment is being posted to my HART Rock Arts Blog 

Most food related blogging is now on the Local Food Bloomington Blog and Food News

May you have joy and love in all things,


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Spring and Wellness

Hello Everyone,

Yes, I know, again I am saying, it has been a long time. 

I will be deciding how to integrate the art and wellness blogs I have my fingers in. 

 I hope that all who find their way here are doing okay!  I have been updating Quilter's Comfort pages to make it friendlier to users.  Locals are now using it, and I am really pleased.  Thank you!

I am still seeing a few clients; working on tying up loose projects so I can create space to focus on ideas flowing in the NOW.

Local Food and Local Food News have been updated - for a glimpse go to the Local Food Blog

Blessings in all,