Sunday, December 1, 2013

Parabolas and Coffee Jelly, Oh Yes!

 Thank you for your support of my small business.  

May you be well, know much joy and live in abundance of all good things!

Stop in and say hello.  Check out the parabola ornaments like the one here and learn how to make your own!  We also have clay ornaments for small trees, and other folded decorations.

You can also see our new line of greeting cards and rustic glassware.

Explore the artisan meditation supplies by Ichiyo

and sample the locally roasted coffee jelly, craft beer jelly, local wine and certified organic herbal jelly!  You have to taste these jellies to understand their complex natures.  Flavor unfolds over the tongue.

For those who prefer savory, EVERYTHING Plus Popcorn seasoning and L.A.O.'s Herbal Seasoning really pump up the flavor for more eating pleasure.

Beautifully crafted, jewelry, hand made books, Quilter's Comfort's teas, and more.